Andrew Ironside

As a Hillsong Leadership College lecturer and trainer Andrew Ironside is focused on encouraging the worship culture in the local church around the world, through practical training seminars, worship encounters and personal coaching. From a song writing perspective Ironside's plethora of 14 instruments includes the Harp, Native American flute and Low Irish Whistle. To make worship leading easier, Andrew encourages the developing of perfect pitch, mastering relative pitch and is seeing church sound engineers trained in frequency recognition and musicians and singers inspired to be anointed, excellent with a God pleasing character.

This website provides training resources for praise and worship teams plus hand crafted instruments like the Australian Red Cedar 30 String Harp, Native American Wood Flutes, Controller Keyboards, Nano Kontrollers, Praise and Worship CDs, digital downloads, DVDs on How To Play The Harp, How To Play The Native American Flute, How To Play The Piano, How To Play the Low Irish Whistle, How To Use Mainstage and Omnisphere.